Forge Media

Forge Youth on Shoot

Employment with Forge Media gives youth client-based work experience, further developing their filmmaking skills and building both their portfolios and professional relationships. Last year, they worked with community organizations including Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie, Dorsky Museum, NYS Minorities in Criminal Justice, Berkshire Agricultural Ventures, Day One Early Learning Community, and Dutchess Outreach.

$3,807.70 paid to 19 youth apprentices

93 hours worked on set

7 films produced

“I have gained valuable video and film production knowledge at The Art Effect that has been instrumental in pursuing my dreams as a professional and business owner in the industry. Forge Media allows me to work with the community and continue teaching. I want to empower others to pursue their dreams too.”

— Aleria Gonzalez

Aleria joined Spark Studios predecessor, Drop TV in 2017 with no experience in filmmaking, and later the inaugural cohort of Spark Studios. She quickly be came a proficient boom op

APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Forge Media’s house apprenticeship program is the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley. Young, aspiring filmmakers and producers gain client-based work e