Forge Media

Forge group on location


Forge Media is the Hudson Valley’s first and only apprenticeship production house, producing cutting-edge video content and empowering aspiring filmmakers.

Forging ahead of what’s trending in film production and video marketing is about more than embracing innovative techniques and acquiring buzz. Connecting with audiences requires high-quality content that motivates and inspires viewers through engaging storytelling and superior cinematography. We work with you to capture your vision, produce customized, compelling media, and revolutionize your marketing.

As an extension of The Art Effect, Forge Media employs advanced, young film producers to work alongside experienced producers. This next generation of videographers, especially those who excel in the Spark Studios program gain valuable experience in professional film production, build their portfolios, further develop their skills, and expand their relationships in the film industry. Proceeds from Forge Media contracts support 100% of our apprentices through this creative media mentorship program.

Forge Media provides young filmmakers with invaluable opportunities, giving them an edge as they continue on a path toward becoming media industry leaders.