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Forge Media

Forge Media’s house apprenticeship program is the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley. Young, aspiring filmmakers and producers gain client-based work experience, further develop their filmmaking skills using professional-level equipment and technology and build both their portfolios and professional relationships.


All proceeds from Forge Media support our apprentices through this creative media mentorship program. Competition in the world of media is tough, and opportunities for emerging filmmakers can be hard to come by. Forge provides young filmmakers and producers with those opportunities, giving them an edge as they continue on the path towards becoming media industry leaders.


By hiring Forge Media for your next production, you’re making an investment in our community, and the young people that will brighten its future.

“The youth crew were very personable to work with and made
good working connections with our artists while the film
shooting was going on. We know that the younger members
of the film were practicing what they had learned in the
Art Effect programs, but they were very professional in their
demeanor and had a terrific focus and work ethics. We were
very happy with the finished film, and use it in our advocacy
about homelessness, housing insecurity and affordability.”

Anita Fina Kiewra – Hudson River Housing
Forge Media

The Art Effect empowers youth to develop their artistic voice to shape their futures and bring about positive social change. Today, we proudly reach over 5,000 children and adults each year as the largest arts education organization in the Hudson Valley.

We offer innovative and engaging arts-based educational programs for youth of all ages, as well as community members, schools, and other non-profit organizations. Our media and arts programming provides students with opportunities to learn, create, advocate, build confidence, pursue their dreams, and achieve their goals, both in and out of the classroom.


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