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Learn more about the experience of working with Forge Media by hearing from our clientele as well as our apprentice Youth Producers. 

The Art Effect and in particular Forge Media did a fabulous job for Family Services as we needed a six minute video that would convey to our gala audience the meaning and impact of our work at Family Services. Kyle sensitively and expertly was able to take the story of several of the people to whom we provide services and turn it into a dramatic and hard hitting video. He had an astoundingly keen ear and eye that captured the essence of our work and for that we are most grateful. I would recommend their work to any and all not-for-profits or businesses that need to ‘tell their story.’

Brian Doyle

Chief Executive Officer | Family Services

Lara Litchfield-Kimber

Mid-Hudson Children's Museum | Executive Director

We became aware of Forge Media at a really critical time for the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. It was our 25th anniversary and we needed to put together a special video, so the idea of being able to do something that would engage youth to help us tell our story was very appealing to us...What it seemed to be doing was setting up a very positive mentorship experience. There was clearly somebody in charge, and then there were two assistants who were helping with everything from lighting to sound setup, making sure camera angles were working, making sure that the lighting was appropriate.

The youth were intriguing, the young people who worked here just took it on their own to go out and photograph the property, photograph the house and the work, and ended up with exactly the right things, so it was seamless working with them.

Gwen Greene


Working with Forge Media, and the higher responsibility you have on set, I think it really made me more confident as a young filmmaker. For me it’s just a great opportunity. I love it.

Alex Haynes

Forge Youth Producer